Yet more battery locomotives ?>

Yet more battery locomotives

Wingrove & Rogers WR5
Wingrove & Rogers WR5 parked on a flat wagon

If cost is everything then for an entry level locomotive you need look no further than a battery powered machine. We inherited our first one in more or less ready-to-run condition and in late 2014 took delivery of four more.

Rob Needham has arranged the purchase of  one 2ft gauge WR8 and one 18in gauge WR5 battery locos from Murphy’s the contractors in London. The WR8 is 8hp 60volts, and has been stored under cover, so should be easy to get working quickly with batteries from our WR5 plus one more. Then we can take our WR5 out of use and give it an overhaul, including replacing the controller with that from the new WR5. The 18in gauge locomotive is just a temporary resident and is expected to go a site near Cardiff, obviously it would need major surgery to run at Lea Bailey.

Murphy’s have been disposing of their stock and it was an excellent opportunity to acquire locomotives in good overall condition.

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