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Month: April 2013

First run of the Hunslet ?>

First run of the Hunslet

First drive
First drive of Hunslet 7446 at Lea Bailey

Ian Harrison’s truck made good speed to Lea Bailey and the minor items were unloaded first and shunted away by the Simplex. The Hunslet soon joined them and there was plenty of time to run it up and down and confirm, as expected, that it had no problems with the trackwork which had received considerable attention in the last few months.

Special thanks again go to the Wrights at Clearwell who have entrusted first their MotorRail Simplex and now their Hunslet with us.

New Arrivals 2 ?>

New Arrivals 2

On 8th April 2013 it was time to call Ian Harrison’s special lorry into action again. Our Hunslet mines locomotive was now in full working order and was loaded up first. We then squeezed in a rusty manrider, a hydraulic jack, part of a set of points and a small flat wagon to make the most of the opportunity. Once again, Ray Wright who had started the Lea Bailey project some years back was there to watch.

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