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Month: May 2024

⛏ Turntable and trackwork progress ?>

⛏ Turntable and trackwork progress

Following our September 2023 Open Day we were able to purchase a wagon turntable and our volunteers have been working to install it along with associated trackworks.

The space between the points and the turntable site has some uneven ground so once the sleepers had been treated with creosote they were packed up with rocks from our stockpile to achieve a level. The rails were curved using a jim crow and then cut to length in order to meet up with the turntable.

With the aid of the Simplex locomotive, we made a number of trips to the stockpile to collect rocks and these were packed around the sleepers to provide support. The next job will be to lift the rotating section out of the turntable to remove debris and water, and to grease the bearings.