Progress at Drybrook 2014 ?>

Progress at Drybrook 2014

Cutting outside tunnel
Working in the cutting outside the tunnel

Since we established ourselves in 2012, the Hawthorns Tunnel (Euroclydon Tunnel) site at Drybrook has been little more than a source of track for Lea Bailey. Now we have decided to establish a proper presence at the tunnel. The culvert that carries a small stream past our access gate had collapsed and that meant some initial hard work so we could get equipment down to the tunnel.

Another headache is the fact that the trackbed outside the tunnel is now several feet higher than the tunnel floor which is largely concreted. Also, when the stream overflows, water pours through the tunnel. Some digging out will hopefully have brought this under control. Our new skip (the result of an exchange for a former Coleford Brickworks wagon) has been pressed into service as can be seen. Inside the tunnel we shall lay track from that stored there for many years until it runs out.

Although the tunnel is very damp, should we so wish, we should be able to keep and operate the Hunslet here as it has no electrical system. However, that would mean bringing in a small compressor to start it every time it runs.

Administrator’s Note: Work in the cutting has been put on hold whilst matters relating to ownership of the land are put in order. Our access to the tunnel itself is not affected.

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