Preparing for Welland Steam Rally (part 2) ?>

Preparing for Welland Steam Rally (part 2)

Unloading continues
Unloading rolling stock at Welland Steam Rally site

We have been invited to be part of a road making demonstration at Welland Steam Rally on 26th – 28th July 2013. This will involve our Simplex shuttling up and down a short length of temporary track hauling stone (from a steam-driven stone crusher) to the road head where a steam roller will ‘do the business’.

Previously we collected some track panels to use on the occasion. On 23rd July 2013, we transferred the track, Simplex and wagons to Welland in preparation for the event. As usual transport was provided by Ian Harrison.

Once at Welland, we unloaded carefully, first was the wagon with the track. As the run was downhill to the crusher we installed our one set of buffers here and then connected a couple more track panels. There followed the Simplex and the tipper wagons and once the rail wagon was lifted onto the track we were in business.

It sounds quite simple propelling panels up and bolting them together but these were of the home made variety with welded steel plates holding the rails with irregular spacings and holes for the fishplates. It took several hours before the job was done and a test train could be run.

The final pictures show three of the prize exhibits for the show:

  1. An Aveling and Porter 8 ton roller which will be used in our road making demonstration.
  2. An unusual American traction engine – basically a converted portable.
  3. A superb Foster showman’s engine.

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