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Simplex at Clearwell
Motor Rail Simplex No. 21282 at Clearwell

20th September 2012 was a big day in the short history of the Lea Bailey Light Railway. First we went to Clearwell Caves where our Simplex locomotive was waiting for us and then saw it loaded onto Ian Harrison’s special lorry. Appropriately, Ray Wright who had started the Lea Bailey project some years back was there to watch. We raced to Lea Bailey and there Rob and Steve who had  been responsible for most of the preparation of the site there looked on like a pair of proud fathers.

Meanwhile a couple of days earlier, Shane had welded up the rails which were to provide the base for the container which will provide secure storage. Just a couple of hours after delivering the Simplex, Ian Harrison was back with our new container. In expert hands the unloading took no time and it was placed exactly as planned. In between we had been busy doing what all little boys ought to like doing, playing with our new train.

Simplex Delivery

Container Delivery

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