📅 Save the Date — 13th & 14th May ?>

📅 Save the Date — 13th & 14th May

Planning is under way for the next Open Day which will take place on 13th & 14th May 2017. We will be welcoming “Issing Sid” from Statfold Barn Railway for a return visit after our popular Running on Air event in 2015.

Amongst the residents that we hope to have running will be the Eimco 401 compressed-air locomotive, Wingrove & Rogers WR8 battery-electric locomotive, and the Eimco 401 rocker shovel which will be operating on its own special display line with a public viewing area. For a taste of what is to come, see Rob Dickinson’s YouTube video from our 2015 event.


Several other events and attractions can be found around the Forest of Dean, all within a half-hour drive of our site at Lea Bailey. A number of links can be found below.

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2 thoughts on “📅 Save the Date — 13th & 14th May

  1. I have been watching your progress with great interest over the last few years and I intend to attend the 13th & 14th May open day.
    I was born on Lea Bailey and moved to Lea where I grew up, but still visited and played in this area, it will be interesting to see the old mine area and the railway track bed as it is now.
    Have you found the other doorway (about 3ft wide x 5ft high) into the hillside? Best regards Andy Ablett

    1. Yes, we have found the other doorway; it doesn’t go in very far and doesn’t lead underground. Take a look at this Photo of the Explosive Store at Lea Bailey. It would have been used to store the explosives used in the mine. Our volunteer Richard is standing inside the door for scale.

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